I Like my Eggs Pink

Sometimes it is all about the hype I create for myself.

Reading the reviews. Anticipating the opening.

Putting the place on your must try list.

Lusting after it on the list… wondering…. when will I go?

And then finally, finally being able to cross it off.

Do you make lists? And get a rediculous amount of satisfaction from crossing something off that list? I make must try restaurant lists (we know this, unless you are new to these parts :)). I make lists at work. Lists of recipies to make. Lists of furniture my new place needs. List of make up to try. Places to shop.

Please never look at the notes app in my Iphone, it is an extravaganza of lists and makes me look like a crazy list lady!

Last weekend I was finally able to cross Tiny Diner off my restaurant list. ( Yes it fell into a carve out to the challenge!)

It had that Brasa-neighborhood-like feel. It was bigger than I anticipated, more like, “Medium Diner”? The monthly city focus on thier menu begs me to go back and try another month.

November is San Francisco, one of my favorite cities! Just having the city focus on their menu brings back memories of the wharf, eating chowder out of bread bowls, the smell of the water and the brisk wind on my cheeks.  The memories necessitated a bite of my dining partner’s softshell crab sandwich.

And these deviled eggs! I will be back for these eggs.. the Lake Superior smoked white fish, golden beet puree, horseradish yogurt and dill.

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)

Have you been to Tiny Diner? Do you make lists?

xoxo The Crazy List Lady

4 thoughts on “I Like my Eggs Pink

  1. I have only been once, but I loved it! I definitely have to go back again soon. I am not a list maker, but I should be. I always think I can remember wheat I need to remember, but that is never the case!

  2. my note section of my iphone is clean as a whistle, but the notes on my computer stickies? not lists, per se, but random jumbles of thoughts, to-dos, and, if i’m honest, a pretty wild assortment of randomness 🙂 so you be the crazy list lady, and i’ll be the jumbled note lady, and together we’ll eat those deviled eggs one day (i wanted them when i went, but i can’t have fish! must return i guess…)

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