Minneapolis Must Eats

While I happen to be on this no restaurant challenge…. how about a list of favorites?

A recap of some of the places I love. Places you must visit. Places to pencil in on your next Minneapolis trip 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites according to random category selection. You know, the categories my restaurant deprived stomach is yearning for. My list could go on and on, to the point you’d stop reading and never come back.

So here are just a few!

Small Plate Sharing Heaven

Victory 44

Rincon 38

Best Pork Tenderloin Ever

Café Ena

Pasta Inhaler


La Grolla (ok ok, I know this is St. Paul, but I’ll drive there for great pasta!)

Pork Belly Bowl Me

Left Handed Cook

Grits. Enough said.

French Meadow

Beyond a Sandwich.

Cheeky Monkey Deli (Don’t be fooled by Deli. Yes the soups and sandwiches are amazing, but I also had one of the best steak frites here in the twin cities)

Burger Battles

Haute Dish

Bulldog NE

The Kenwood

Minneapolis Neighborhood Feel, (I.e. were I want to buy a house/condo)

The Kenwood (and again. Brunch, dinner, burgers, just go here)



Wise Acre Eatery


Wakame Bistro

Cold weather? Pho me!


Curry me stat!

Gorkha Palace

I’ve Had One Too Many Beers and Need Some Lobster Mac

1029 Bar (PS sing a few songs and play the wheel while you’re here)

My Burning Love of Food Trucks

Hibachi Daruma

Simply Steves


FullSizeRender (1)

(and because every blog post needs a picture, here is the view from my grocery store, you know, because I cannot go to restaurants….)

What are your Minneapolis/Your City must eats?

Happy Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Minneapolis Must Eats

  1. My parents used to be obsessed with 112 and Bar La Grassa. Now I prefer Smack Shack. I’ve ordered something different every time, but always love it. I keep saying I’m going to go to Pizzeria Lola, but still haven’t it made it there. Some day!

  2. you ‘Minneapolis Neighborhood Feel’pretty much sums up my favorite restaurants. except and of course, can we put victory 44 here? i mean, north minneapolis feel? and 112? north loop feel? hehe, i guess that title could kinda cover lots of things (except you wouldn’t want a house there). i’ll put my home next to the kenwood & be your neighbor <3

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