The No Restaurant Challenge

Have I mentioned that I do not like losing?

That I have a competitive side?

If you challenge me, it is difficult for me not to accept.Ā  Cliffdog knows this. Which is why I think she presented the challenge. Cliffdog challenged me to a entire month of not eating out at restaurants. She was willing to give me four “cheat” days within that month, and a carve out for alcohol.

The purpose: Shed more light on my monthly food costs.

A month of no restaurants?!

I would fail. I literally could not do it. I will not take on a challenge I know I will lose.

But I will agree to two weeks. Two weeks of no restaurants. This is still a challenge for me, as I eat lunch out at least twice a week, and multiple dinners out.

And again, Cliffdog graciously is giving me carve outs. 1) I am allowed to eat out with my aunt who will be in town 2) If it happens to be a date

The challenge starts today. Heres to the menu planning!Ā  Wish me luck šŸ™‚

Have you ever given up restaurants for a period of time?



12 thoughts on “The No Restaurant Challenge

  1. *happens* to be a date? hehe šŸ™‚ guess you’ll have to go on lots of dates to get yourself around the rules, huh? do blogger dates count? when we moved to eau claire, wisconsin, there were only a few restaurants near us, and so we learned how *no* to eat out VERY quickly. i don’t think i want to go back to that… OH! i’m trying victory 44 on wednesday. have ya been? and happy monday! ah! longest comment eva!

    1. Yes, start getting men to ask me out, therefore I can go out to eat!! And yes loveeeee Victory 44. Get the devils on horseback!

  2. I liked the disclaimer for “dates” *wink* do brunches with friends count as dates??? I think so! Great challenge- and good luck!!! I want to see how it pans out. If I tried this it’d be an epic failure. But then I could blog about my failure I suppose haha.

  3. Oh goodness I really should try this for the month of November, it would be so healthy for my bank account….
    Perhaps I will try!? Thank you for the inspiration xo

  4. i’ve really had to budget lately which means scaling back on everything, including going out to eat. for the past couple of months, i’ve only gone out to dinner if it’s for a special event like a friend’s birthday. it’s tough because i don’t cook at all, but it is saving me money!

  5. Oh I hear you on this one! It takes a lot of preparation and discipline to prep every single meal that you eat but I have gotten a lot better at it. I find that by planning out what you will have and doing lots of batch cooking it makes it A LOT easier.

    Good luck I am sure you will do well!

  6. LOVE IT! I am on a self imposed similar challenge until the wedding…with exceptions for family dinners out for special occasions like birthdays! I wish us both luck.

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