I Cave for Brunch…

The other day, somehow.. somebody convinced me a 6:30 am workout on a Saturday was a good idea.  I was all signed up for a later morning class, but once the words brunch and waffles were used, I caved.

I guess my willlpower is nonexistant once the word brunch is uttered.

So for furture reference, when trying to get me to do something, say brunch. And if said brunch happens to be a new location, I’ll be even easier to convince.

So post early morning, its still dark out, I raised my hand when the trainer asked if anyone was still asleep, drag me into class workout, the brunch came. Off we were to the Linden Hills area for a new to me breakfast.

Hello Zumbro Cafe.

photo (318)

This was everything my muscles and rumbling stomach were screaming for. A simple, perfect, open faced steak breakfast sandwich.

photo (319)

And an almond latte to round it out.

Where is your favorite brunch spot?

9 thoughts on “I Cave for Brunch…

  1. YUM!!! I haven’t been to Zumbro in so long. I might need to revisit! I really love Blackbird Cafe for brunch. I go there too much. I think I need to branch out and try new places more often! An early morning workout + brunch sounds awesome. Let’s plan one!

  2. Holy moly, that open-faced steak sandwich looks awesome! One of my favorite brunch spots in Chicago is Southport’s Grocery or Rooster in Saint Louis! xoxo

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