Nostalgia and Rustica Bakery

As a kid in Europe, I loved the bakeries. The fresh bread you could buy all over Paris. The pastry smells. The feeling as if I was living in a book.

Sitting on a park bench, breaking off pieces of bread and cheese.

photo (317)

My nostalgia could go on and on. My childhood there feels more like a dream these days. Did I really live there and have those experiences?

So when a piece of that reappears in reality today, a bittersweet happiness over comes me.

My first trip into Rustica Bakery recently brought waves of that emotion.

Out load and to no one in particular I exclaimed, hmmm it smells like Europe.

And how fitting, as I was there with a friend about to head to Paris.  I wish her all the Parisian memories to come.. and all the pastries 🙂

photo (316)

I cannot wait to try more of the offerings at Rustica.

And because this was such a treat, I’m linking up with Becky, for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Head on over here to see how others have treated themselves this week.



9 thoughts on “Nostalgia and Rustica Bakery

  1. I had no idea it was Treat Yourself Tuesday, I think this means I can splurge with a little something at the cafe downstairs right!? Let’s also talk about how lucky you are that you can start a blog post with: “When I was a kid in Europe…” I mean!? xo

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