The Next Best Thing Syndrome

Over a pile of sushi and an afternoon glass of red, a friend mentioned another friend’s dating dilemma.

After meeting over Tinder and seeing each other consistently, a conversation was had. The I like you, I’m interested. Where is this going? The conversation that naturally comes.

And his response? “I see this going somewhere too but I don’t want to shut off the option of meeting someone else.”

The classic Next Best Thing Syndrome. Its like you are always looking around the corner for who is next. These four dates have been great, but o I have five new matches today. I need to see what they have to offer.

“I felt a really strong connection but now I’m not so sure.”

With every dating website, Tinder and any other app, there are literally hundreds of men/women in the palm of your hand. The app even asks you, upon matching with someone, “Would you like to message him/her or Keep playing?”

Yes, keep playing. Like a game.

It only fuels the syndrome.

The Next Best Thing.

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Do you agree, do dating websites/app fuel “The Next Best Thing”? Disagree?


8 thoughts on “The Next Best Thing Syndrome

  1. I’m definitely on a “next best thing” kick. However I have the history of becoming a couple immediately and not having the “dating” portion, so I think its important for me. I’m ready to settle down, but I want it to be with the right person. That will happen eventually, but for now I don’t want to stop looking for options because I’ve found someone that is “okay for now”.

  2. oh my goodness – it asks if you want to keep playing? how dangerous is that? millionaire matchmaker patti stanger calls this BBD syndrome – where someone is always looking for a Bigger Better Deal <3 just find someone that makes you happy and then do your best to make them happy, too <3

  3. I think if you are still looking for the next big thing than you haven’t found it yet. My romantic self thinks that if he had thought he had found it, he would have turned off the app (game) himself. But that’s me being romantic. In reality, you are right.

  4. This is such an unfortunate phenomenon our generation is facing, it has made me take a step back from dating and let things come naturally. Things will happen when they are suppose to and no amount of swiping right or left can speed it up xo

  5. Eh, I think dating websites definitely don’t HELP the next best thing syndrome…but I also think that some people are just more inclined towards it regardless so it’s not totally the dating website’s fault!

  6. I’m inclined to agree with Joanne, players are going to play, whether it be in person or on-line.
    We live in a world of hyper-connectivity and the, “Next Best Thing Syndrome” is an unfortunate product. My response to all of this? Keep playing ladies. Don’t get attached if it’s not reciprocated, when it’s right you both will know and that’s when the game stops.

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