I Heart Austin

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 l left my heart in Austin…… and his name might be Freckles..

Joking! Only nine of us will ever get that reference. We may not have known each other well in the beginning… but by the end… we knew more than is ever “bloggable” 🙂

We shopped, explored, ate, danced, lake partied and popped a few bottles.. all in the name of the soon to be Mrs. KPD’s last single fling.

And now I need to move to Austin. The people, the houses, the ever popular taco truck. Who is hiring?!

photo (248)

I miss our house!

photo (250)

photo (252)

photo (251)

Yep, still in Texas…..

photo (254)

Hey Garage….What will you do before you die?

photo (253)

I heart Austin! Have you been?

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