Back on the path of exploring the new! Well at least the new to me :)

This place has been on my radar for awhile.. and holding the top spot for first on my running list of places to try. Yes I have a list. It sits in my soon to be retiring iPhone 4s..

People will be talking and all of a sudden, I can’t help it, the running list is open and growing… however those around me are normally talking of food, so my rude iPhone interruptions can be forgiven.

I can finally say I’ve made it down to Kings in South Minneapolis. Arriving in the midst of weekend happy hour, we gladly ordered two glasses of Rose each.

The happy hour extended to a few small plates, meaning we had to order a few of those as well.

Tatortots with a bluecheese bacon sauce. (yeah I know, I’m eating cheese, but I just can’t not order cheese at a wine bar)

photo (223)

Hello  Hush puppies like tot perfection.

photo (224)

My cheese loving soul won out over my cheese inducing headaches…. and this appeared at our table. With the addition of Italian sausage of course. THAT sausage. The fennel. Ugh can I just eat like a platter of that sausage?! And the homemade crackers were delightful.

What could be better than a late Saturday afternoon, sipping wine and devouring sausage at Kings?

Have you been? You should go, pronto.

Where is your favorite wine bar?



  1. Alisha @ Alisha's Appetite

    I agree it’s impossible to not order cheese at a wine bar! Wine without cheese….psh!

  2. Joanne

    Yay for crossing it off your bucket list…and also that it was worth being on your bucket list. Quite a feat!

  3. Netty

    Looks completely delicious….and I have never heard of cheese headaches. Sounds miserable. I would push through them for the love of cheese! Lol

  4. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    Wow those tatertots and that cheese board. Yum!! Both look absolutely delicious.

    I struggle not to order cheese when I’m out too. Especially when I can pair it with wine :)

  5. Georgina

    What an absolutely fantastic find, so glad you popped in and shared that gorgeous food photography with us! Cheese is essential, honestly no foodie can exist without it xo


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