Cheesy Problems


Happy Monday! Lets talk food. Really what else do I talk about?

Lets talk about adding foods back into my diet post AdvoCare challenge. What I thought would be a normal transition…..

Turned into:

Can I just say Ouch!

Cheese I love and prior to the challenge would have considered it, its own food group. A Friday night dinner of baked brie and wine would be perfection.

But now post challenge, I’ve struggled. All of a sudden I get this headache in the back of my skull. Cheese, my love, what are you doing to me?

I have multiple blocks of cheese awaiting consumption…. purchased to celebrate post challenge… how can I deny the herbed brie, basil asiago and prosecco cheddar calling my name?

Has anyone else ever experienced this cheese headache? Or had a similar experience when reintroducing foods?

3 thoughts on “Cheesy Problems

  1. Ugh, this is seriously SUCH a bummer! It’s crazy what you learn about your body when you eliminate entire food groups. Maybe try it in SUPER small amounts and mixed with other foods (bread, crackers, nuts, fruit, etc.) and see if that helps the side effects. xoxo

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