LBD Please

Hello Friday, you are a welcome sight. Its been a long week, extra long without my trusty friend the bottle of wine… Three more days friends and I am plopping myself on a bar stool and ordering a cheeseburger, medium rare, add the bacon. And a bottle of pinot please :) I pledge to eat every single French fry on the plate….

Yes, that has been my craving alllll day but I must see this cleanse through…. must eat veggies..

As a distraction more dating nonsense from the online world:

1) “Hi, from how flabby your arms look, you can be nothing but average. You seem to think too highly of yourself, but then again you are on this website. LoL.”

Dear sir, perhaps you should look in a mirror…

2) “Whatup Beautiful, message me if you want a picture…”

Hmmm a picture of what might I ask? I hear theres a new trend these days of body part pictures…

3) “Would you consider going out with an older man who has a lot in common with you?”

Not one who is 30 years older with multiple children. Sorry. The fellow foodie part isn’t going to cut it.

4) “How do you perfect that face angle?”


5) “You would look amazing in a little black dress, nylons and sexy heels, accompanying me to dinner…”

Sorry buddy but I make my own wardrobe decisions.

I think it might be time to cancel this little online game?

What are your plans this weekend? Someone eat a cheeseburger for me?

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  1. Ashley

    I can’t believe the first comment. He seems to think too highly of HIMself.

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    OMG. Were those serious messages?! I feel like the last one was looking for an escort… ;) AND THE CHALLENGE IS OVER! Go get that cheeseburger tomorrow for St. Pat’s celebrating!

    1. Christina (Post author)

      He was totally looking for an escort :)

  3. Joanne

    UGHHHH those are terrible. Worse than most the emails I ever got from online dating! Maybe the pool has gotten even more horrendous? I shudder at the thought.


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