Milwaukee on a Cleanse

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Becky for another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday.

If you are new to this one; it is all about doing something for yourself, once a week, that makes you happy πŸ™‚

I think a road trip to Milwaukee to see old friends is the perfect treat.

Let me tell you though; road trips on a cleanse are rough! Especially when you are in the city of Brunch….

So brunch must change and involve a trip to my favorite grocery store.

photo (213)

Metro I’ve missed you.

photo (214)

Milwaukee on a cleanse also looks like dinner in.Β With homemade organic cocktail sauce. Cue wasabi horseradish.

photo (217)

Because I had to visit to the Public Market.

photo (216)

Who could pass up the chance to experience men dancing in full penguin zip up costumes?

photo (215)

And finally, I treated myself by stocking up on a favorite for post cleanse πŸ™‚

photo (218)

Head over and check out some of the ways the others have treated themselves this week.

3 thoughts on “Milwaukee on a Cleanse

  1. I can totally relate to trying to eat when on a cleanse/eating healthy/! I’ve been trying to move to a Paleo diet for a month now and I always brace myself when we go out to eat. The good thing is that we eat out at home alot more (healthy!) the bad thing is we don’t get out as much. Love your photos!

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