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O hey its getting closer to the weekend and I’m in the beginning stages of this AdvoCare mini-challenge\cleanse.

Avoiding processed foods, dairy, sugar, bad carbs, alcohol and coffee… whoa :) Be still my pasta loving heart. (disclaimer, I’m told an occasional glass of vine is allowed…. though I haven’t caved yet!!)

You may be thinking what is a foodie blogger doing this cleanse for? I see your pictures, none of them look anything close to healthy. So why am I doing a 14 day challenge?

1) Awareness: Do I go out to eat every day? No, in fact during the week I stick to a pretty balanced diet. Key word, balance. However as winter drags on, I do tend to pick up not so healthy habits and dive straight into bowls of carbs. 14 days of being ultra aware of what is going into my body equals a new awareness about how I am feeling and how that is tied to food.

2) Discipline: Can I even do this? When treat day rolls around at the office, can I stick to it? Will these 14 days feel like forever? What about those happy hours I’ve planned? Will I miss cheese?

Seeing if I even have the discipline to do this motivates me.

3) No. Ive never been good with the word NO. And when some doubted my ability to do this… of course I had to. Thanks for the extra motivation :)

Results to come..

Happy weekend and enjoy some wine for me :)

photo (212)

Have you ever gone on a cleanse? Would you do it again?

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  1. Joanne

    I think you can do it!! 14 days isn’t SO long in the scheme of things. :) Stay strong, girl!


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