Our Mini Challenge: AdvoCare

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today kicks off my 14 day AdvoCare challenge.  I will update you on my reasons for the challenge and progress, but without further ado, my inspiration for the challenge:

Hi! I’m Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine – a blog where I share my passion for keeping a balanced life through eating well, tasting great wine, staying active, and traveling to new places – and I’m excited to be doing a guest post for Christina today!

Becky in Cali

Christina and I – along with a group of fabulous women and men – are embarking on a “mini” challenge this week! Typically, my AdvoCare clients start off with the full 24-Day Challenge but for many, a full 24 days can be a bit intimidating. This is why I created the mini, 14-day challenge! It contains the same supplements as the Max Phase of the full 24DC and offers similar results – feeling healthy, getting your diet back on track while losing inches and pounds.

Today, I am going to share my experience with the 24DC but if you have any questions regarding the “Mini” Challenge, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at becky@olivesnwine.com 🙂

After the holidays, I knew something needed to change – I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, I was fueling my body with processed, chemical-laden food and my clothes didn’t fit as they should, even my leggings were tight!

Just before Christmas, a friend of mine approached me about the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge. I had heard of AdvoCare previously, but like many others, thought it was a scam. I don’t believe in quick-fix diets, I am a firm believer in putting “natural” food into my body and a 24-day program based on supplements brought out the skeptic in me.

But, because many of my friends have had success with not only the 24DC but also the vast line of AdvoCare supplements, I decided to do some research before making a decision. What I found surprised me.  AdvoCare is scientifically-supported by a board of doctors that believe in each supplement and provide guidance to the organization. And the supplements AdvoCare creates aren’t the “quick fix,” lose 30 pounds in 2 days kind of pills. They’re supplements that help support a lifestyle change that promotes sustainable weight loss in a healthy, realistic manner.


So, what is the 24DC?

The 24DC is a two-part program that typically results in an 8-15lbs weight loss and a lot of energy – I was bouncing off of the walls during the second phase! The first 10 days consist of the Cleanse Phase and the next 14 days make up the Max Phase. The entire 24 days is loaded with healthy supplements for core nutrition, calorie burning, appetite control and energy.  You pair the supplements with a clean eating regimen and exercise and viola…you have awesome results!  The cool part is it’s not a diet, it’s a bad habit breaker and a jumpstart to a new, healthy lifestyle.

I think my friend Lauren says it best: “While the results in the 24 days can be quite shocking, the changes [the 24DC] makes beyond the 24 days are what really matters. I always say it is sustainable… that’s why it works at being the lifestyle change many people are looking for.”

What results did you see?


On January 24th, I completed my first AdvoCare 24DC! To be honest, I was already decently fit and didn’t expect to see groundbreaking results. This program – and my results – blew my expectations out of the water!

My 24DC Results:

  • Inches Lost: -11.5 inches
  • Pounds Lost: -9.8 pounds

In 24 days, I lost both inches and pounds and have never felt better. I have tremendous amounts of energy, my jeans fit again and I feel reenergized and excited about continuing this healthy lifestyle. As with any weight-loss program, AdvoCare is not easy. It takes dedication and hard work (no coffee or wine for 24 days tested my limits!) but I can tell you that the results are worth it.

To read a more in-depth review of my results, what I’m continuing after the 24DC and to see my progress photos, head on over to my 24DC Review.

Want to try the 24DC for yourself? Click here to get started!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at becky@olivesnwine.com



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