Oui, Brunch!

 And its back to the food posts, I’m sure there were a few sighs of relief 🙂

How about “A little piece of Paris in downtown St. Paul”?

We recently checked out Meritage for brunch. Having been to Paris once or twice, I felt a familiarity with the ambience and service. There was a classic feel from the moment you walked in.

Typical me, I had to test out the Bloody Mary.

photo (207)

Conclusion: This is the best I have had since moving back, takes the top spot hands down. I guess I will be driving to St. Paul more often!

And like usual, I am seduced by the oyster offerings.

photo (204)

My first Island Creeks. AND I will be ordering these again. And again. And again.

photo (206)

photo (205)

Brunch had to be topped off with a bite of dessert.

I will be back. You should definitely check out Meritage.

Big plans for the weekend?

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