Happy 28!

Happy Friday Everyone! O and Valentine’s Day to those that celebrate!

Big plans for the weekend? I will be celebrating another year older… hopefully by sampling a few local brews 🙂 And taking in a Sunday birthday brunch, as I’ve made clear my undying love for brunch. Perhaps brunch is my one true love.. for the time being…

 I feel birthdays call for reflections, which I started last year here…Its funny how much can change in one year…  I am in a new job, a new company, a different city and a different state.. my life is unrecognizable from a year ago.. and omg have I learned a ton…. Below are a few reflections from the last year, ranging from comedy to truth. My truths.

What I learned at 27:

1) Two day hangovers are real.

2)The jeans I bought 5 years ago no longer fit, time for new ones! So long metabolism, hello new healthier lifestyle.

3)Everyone around appears to be pregnant, announcing a pregnancy or posting their ultrasound pictures. My pregnancy knowledge is off the charts, and I’ve never been pregnant!

4) Everyone around you will start doing cleanses. And you will join them.

5) People will finally start to accurately predict your age. No more, “no way are you 21!”

6) Your dog is not an appropriate date to most social events. Some invites will even specify this.

7) Running into the ex or their family at weddings will lead to over consumption of alcohol. High fives may be involved.

8) Creepy guys from college will resurface and hit on you through online dating sites.

9) living with your parents for two months is actually an amazing experience. At this stage in life your friendship deepens and you get to see them at their prime. The things you thought were annoying in your teens are actually some of the funniest parts of their personalities.

10) You may question whether or not Botox will become organic in a few years…

11) The depth of friendship may become apparent, the friend label may slip away because truly they are family. There is no limit to what you will do for the friends you love.

12) Moving home is not always that easy. Many things have changed but so have you. It may be home but it is still an adjustment.

13) I don’t really love working out. I adore yoga sculpt but despise the treadmill. Suggestions??

14) It truly is a small world; the interconnectedness just won’t stop.

15) Being asked out on a date for grilled cheese sandwiches actually happens.

16) Men will send online dating emails about their “healthy 401ks”.

17) My obsession with anything decorative and BALL shaped has only worsened. I have to be physically restrained from entering the Christmas decoration aisle. ( confused, read here)

And because this is long enough and I’ve had way too many “deep” posts lately, you’re probably like, please lady, get back to the food posts already;

To conclude, at 27 I learned the struggle is worth the end result. Not always getting what you expected will teach you the unexpected. You have a strength you may have doubted.  The bottom of the barrel may not actually be the bottom. Things will happen at the right time.

So heres to another year of learning!

What have you learned lately?

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7 thoughts on “Happy 28!

  1. OMG 2 day hangovers are the absolute worst!! I hope you had an enjoyable birthday 🙂

    I hear you on the jeans thing but replace it with dresses, I have dresses that I was wearing in my early 20s that now I struggle to get on, its not a nice feeling but its all part of getting older.

  2. Happy early birthday! What a wonderful list, so many of these items could not be more true 🙂

    I will be celebrating my 29th year on Saturday and I agree that it is definitely cause for deeper reflection. Wishing you a wonderful week xo

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