You gotta stay hungry.

What are you hungry for? What is your soul searching for? What is the fire driving your passion?

That corner office? Raising a family? Writing the inner most workings of your thoughts?

Does serving others bring you joy? Have you found what turns 12 hour days into 2?

What keeps the flame going for you? Do you jump out of bed eager to paint the next most beautiful picture? Does your creativity flow through planning a flawless event? Does making a crowd roar with laughter delight your being?

You have to stay hungry. Find that passion and grasp it with clenched fists. Fight for it. Have you ever had to take that leap of faith for your passion? Ever let go of the stable and step off the cliff of uncertainty? Did you?

Any heartbreaking decision to get there will be more than worth it.

Still discovering that passion? Trying to become hungry? Looking around and taste testing? Our generation asks these questions earlier than our grandparents and often earlier than our parents. The critical part is to ask.

What is your passion? What are you hungry for….?

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