Just a Little Flair

Just a little throw back urge over here…

The desire for some old school romance..  when makeup was minimal and the dress a requirement… when high heels clicked over black and white tile… Gone with the Wind style…

When my man would tip his hat holding open the door, rather than sending the late night text..

Cigar smoking, bourbon drinking, old school flair.

Can you tell I was mesmerized by black and white movies?

I found a smidgen of my throw back enchantment recently… that is if you think alligator carcasses on the ceiling and being adjacent to a strip club equals romance…

photo (191)

photo (192)

photo (193)

The food as good as I could have imagined

Every good throw back should have a steak topped with a crab cake as good as this one.

If you have an imagination anything like mine, step into J.D. Hoyt’s Supper Club and enjoy a few Cajun steakhouse classics.

Was anyone else as obsessed with Gone with the Wind as I was?

What was your favorite black and white movie?

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