UK Calling…


Every once in a while my London life likes to pop up.. I remember the train rides into Windsor… shopping up and down the street.. street vendors selling chips wrapped in newspaper…

Grocery shopping at Budgens…. curiously inspecting odd sandwich ingredients.

Reading the tabloids handed out at the tube.

Hoping for a royal family sighting.

Attending school in a converted mansion…

Touring castles and museums falling headfirst into history and Medieval romance.

Few things bring back these memories as well as an authentic meal.

A little Sheperds Pie to warm the soul on a freezing night..

Accompanied by curry chips…

And finished off with crispy, flaky fish.

The Anchor Fish and Chips brought it all back to me in a few bites,

If you have never been, go!

Prepare for a wait…. but ooo so worth it!

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