Ginormous Buns

Cue weekend visual stimulation….

photo (180)photo (181)

 photo (183)


If that is not a ginormous bun, I’m not sure what is.  As advertised, it was the size of my head.

 This post is long over due (very long), a stop on my brunch train. You know, my art of “brunching”… The addiction I have to this weekend meal. The fuel for exploring places I’ve somehow never been.

For real, how had I never before eaten at Ike’s? 3 previous years in this city and not one brunch stop here. Bad foodie, bad!


THAT Bloody Mary is what I am talking about. Meal on a stick. INCLUDED. Enough said.


Any burger that comes wrapped in paper instantly ups my expectation. This one did not disappoint.

Head to Ike’s Food and Cocktails and you will see what I mean. (

(any wordpress gurus know why my links refuse to work? Exactly why I never update….)


6 thoughts on “Ginormous Buns

  1. I am RIGHT there with you – brunch is by far my most favorite meal! Love EVERYTHING about this post and that Bloody Mary is the business. Thank you again for your sweet comment on my guest post – looking forward to more of your posts (and sorry I use blogger and cannot help with the wordpress issue!!) xo

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