Deck the Halls

Was the day before Christmas..

Spreading cheer and giving spirit…

How better to do it, than surrounded by  volunteers..

Then all through the house, new traditions rang out..

Favorite dishes were requested..

photo (172)

Appetizers shared.. Non-traditional plates appeared..

photo (173)

Tenderloin, Tuna, Fettuccini and more..

photo (174)

The wine was aflowing… the jokes abounding… the phrase “lubricating oils” may have slipped out..

Then our traditional cocktail, Pimms, may have been poured.

Once stomachs were stuffed the adventure began..

A present scavenger hunt!

Clues, cocktails and hiding places, one is sure to find surprises..

photo (175)

Is this Sombrero my gift??

With every clue answered and gifts unwrapped, I leave you with our traditional drink:

Pimms Cocktail

* A shot (or two) of Pimms liqueur

* Tonic Water

* Muddled slice of lime  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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