How NOT to Online Date Part 2

Happy Black Friday, who is still recovering from Turkey overload? Perhaps you are out with the crazies and foraging through the malls. Depraved beings drowning their souls in that fourth cappuccino. Do you even know what you are buying at this point?

Or perhaps you are like me and stuck in your cube, uncomfortably stuffed into post feast clothing..

Whatever path you happen to be on at the moment, I’m sure some dating humor is necessary 😉

So a continuation of how NOT to online date:

Do not send the following…..

“Where do you find it best to business network?”

Well not on a dating website….. duh.

” Hi, I don’t think we’d be a match, but want to meet me for a drink anyway?”

Thanks I’ll pass…. I see what you’re after….

“hi take a chance, promise you won’t regret it”

Umm why am I taking a chance???

“Wow….. hi, you seem spectacular, and fun. But I bet I’m a better cook.”

 Did you just compliment then insult me?

If nothing else, this online dating dabbling has provided daily comedy relief.

Worth the five dollar coupon.

Happy Holiday Weekend 🙂

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