MKE in MPLS Part 2

Happy Thursday! Who is already thinking about the weekend? I am, even though I was able to celebrate Columbus Day…. and by celebrate, I mean nap.

When a little piece of Milwaukee lands in Minneapolis, naps on Mondays are inevitable.

You may have seen our bacon brunch, shopping adventures and French Fries indulgence…. which all had to be topped off with a Saturday night out on the town.

I needed a restaurant with an entertaining atmosphere, somewhat party-ish, and cuisine G does not normally go out for at home.

So Chino Latino it was.

photo (111)

We got our party atmosphere… pretty sure it was a sorority bachelorette party, singing, chanting and dancing on their table.. Of course I’m thinking, the bride to be is going to slip and fall on a noodle….

photo (112)

(stop thinking worst case scenario… stop it!)

Just eat your Phuket noodles already…!

photo (113)

Every table should have smoking sushi..

After ordering and eating way too much food, one cannot leave this party without partaking in the signature drink. Or shot.

The Saki Bomb.

It took a bit of convincing, ok, a ton of peer pressure…

I mean, we needed to blend in with party loving sorority crowd…

But we most definitely had a Saki Bomb success.

I’ll keep the evidence to myself 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?

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