A little piece of Milwaukee landed in Minneapolis over the weekend….

So of course I had all the brunch essentials waiting…. A little brie, fruit, an entire package of bacon, fresh flowers, and a cheese magazine.

Fresh flowers are a necessary component of hosting weekend guests.  Fresh flowers are also a necessary pick me up when the condo you rented three weeks ago goes on the market. With the way the condo market is going, I may be the only person ever who moves 4 times in 4 months…..

But I digress…

photo (107)

An entire package of bacon is necessary, because its bacon. That time I gave up meat, I still craved the bacon. Nothing else, only bacon.

 Enough said.

photo (108)

A little trip to Saks off 5th is also necessary. If you really need an explanation…..

photo (109)

Hi G 🙂

One must try on over-sized fur hats…. Especially when the silver fox suggests it… (confession: I like a little silver fox…..)

Where do the single ones go out? Note to self: find silver fox bar…

photo (110)

And French Fries. Who says no to French Fries?

G and I explored this city, more of our weekend to come.

What did you do over the weekend?

Does anyone else buy themselves fresh flowers?

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