Fried fried and more fried

It is that time of year again. The sprint to eat as much as one can, in as little of time as possible. You know, state fair time? The time where you eat till you almost burst, where you count the minutes on the bus, and pray you make it to the most secluded bathroom in the world…..

I mean did I just say that?

Everyone has their own traditions or ways of attacking the Minnesota State Fair. I try my best to avoid the Miracle of Birth Center, however this year the big screen got in my way. Hello baby calf entering the world. Don’t ruin my appetite or anything…

Lets be real, not much ruins my appetite.

First stop, cheese curds. No where else can match these.

photo (73)

Second stop, something new; Lobster Mac.

photo (75)

Third stop, more new; Fried Olives.

photo (77)

Well mom, for a first timer, I hope the fair met your expectations. Over a week later and I’m not sure I’ve recovered.. Yoga and new running shoes are calling my name..

How do you tackle the Minnesota State Fair?

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