Dear Suburbs Part 2

Dear Suburbs,

Can you believe it has almost been a month since we were cautiously reunited? Don’t worry, our time together is quickly coming to an end. Whatever weird event you were planning on throwing at me, do it soon.

While I am still waiting to discover the crazy I know is behind some corner, your peaceful respite found me over the weekend.

After nonstop moving, weddings and festivities, a weekend in your folds was necessary. Where I could roll out of bed and into Starbucks on Saturday morning, with my hair on top of my head and the dog on my lap, without fear of running into a soul I know.

Same with yoga, except for Friend D, who convinced me to take the level higher. I’m sure I’ll thank her later, when I can bend over, sit down normal and lift my hairdryer once again…. Where is a man when you need him to open this bottle of water? O yeah, I’m living with my parents….”DAD!!!!!”

Well suburbs, you even convinced me to try some DIY, and we all know I am the furthest thing from a DIYer…..

photo (68)

Seriously, what can I spray paint next??! Is this what happens? One DIY and then addiction? Yes I pulled a bookcase out of storage and I’m tackling it as soon as it isn’t 100 degrees out.

Lets be honest, I did make it into the city this weekend, as one of us needs to make new friends:

photo (70)

Hey Lulu!

And it wouldn’t be a successful weekend without some homemade pesto and roasted veggies:

photo (71)

I’m sure my yoga torn body will thank me tomorrow…

photo (72)

How was your weekend?

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