The Fesitval of all Festivals

Happy Monday! First things first, there are a few changes around here! Friend A did an amazing custom header for me.  I recommend him to anyone looking for some design work! Second, I fought with WordPress for a good 8 hours this weekend.  I’m still not satisfied with this new theme, but let me know what you think 🙂

But the main reason for this post, the festival of all festivals.  The one I had heard rumors of prior to even moving here. Summerfest. This year I was prepared and took the advice of seasoned veterans.  Do not enter the grounds without having at least one cocktail.  You need to be in some sort of a happy place prior to entering.  Otherwise the mass of people, the lack of clothing for many, the stumbling and the spilling may overtake you. One must enter the grounds with a buzz.  Thank you margarita.

photo (34)

And of course I cannot enter the grounds with partaking in some fried cheese.  Necessity.

photo (35)

Stage upon stage of free music will bombard your senses.  Whatever genre you are looking for, you’ll find it. The only draw back to free stages, my height. Sadly I cannot see nor hear half of the bands, unless I’m there early and right up front.

Scoring tickets to a paid show is a whole other experience.  My own seat and easy access to the beer stalls, with sight and sound not blocked.  Perfection. We danced and sang our little hearts away.

Then walked all the way home in pure festival fashion…

photo (36)

How was your weekend?

6 thoughts on “The Fesitval of all Festivals

  1. I like the new layout and I’m glad you were able to enjoy Summerfest. It is a blast but you do need to have a cocktail (or two) before entering. Especially a weekend evening! But it is truly a great value to go and enjoy at least one day there.

  2. I think your layout looks really good! Can’t wait to see what else this summer has in store for you & olive!

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