What They do not Tell You

Once you become a fur parent many things change.

On the day you bring that adorable baby home, everyone tells you the good things.


The things they do not tell you…..

photo (32)

It’s Saturday morning, 6am and I need to go outside. NOW MOM.

I do not care if you went out late last night.  Throw on some sunglasses or a hoodie.  PRONTO.

If you do not move I will continue to stand on top of you and smother you with kisses.


PS Mom, you snore.

 Goodbye sleeping in.

Second, my bed is no longer mine.  It is hers.  Sadly I am one of those people who won’t change sleeping positions for fear of waking the puppy.  Yes I just admitted that.

Finally, one of the best kept secrets, is doggie daycare.  My life saver.  Seriously take your fur baby there.  They will love it.

And! (See below)

photo (116)

This is what you will have post daycare and until the next 6am wake up call 🙂

What is something you wish you had known, prior to being a fur parent?

PS check out the new blog button design on the sidebar 🙂 Friend did a great job for me! Look back for more changes to come.

3 thoughts on “What They do not Tell You

  1. Aww. Your baby is so adorable. I wish someone had told me how expensive it is! I would never change my decision to get dogs, but sometimes I just think of all the money I spend on them throughout the course of the year!

    Fizz and Frosting

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