Tales from the Dating Crypt: Pick Up Lines

Prepare for some lighthearted humor on this lovely Friday:

Happy weekend and happy reading!

I will never understand the pick up line.  Where did it originate from? Who decided it was a good idea? And most importantly, who do they actually work on? I mean I guess if they are harmless, funny and actually conversation provoking?  But when was the last time you heard one of those?

I actually googled pick up lines.  And I found: “Learn these lines and you will become a master pick up artist.” Now people are becoming pick up artists?? I may never venture out again… lock myself in the apartment with Olive, wine and the flowers I buy myself on Sundays…

Can I get a survey or show of hands from people pick up lines actually work for? I mean really.

Unfortunately the basics of meeting people out on the town have been corroded.  Worn away by reality tv and who knows what else…. Maybe by too much hair gel and sparkly T-shirts….  And newly minted “Pick up Artists” (Just saying)

Perhaps due to these “Artists” or “Artists in training”, I get the craziest lines ever.  Have any of these ever been said to you?

Hey, you’re a spicy meatball!

Wanna be in my music video, so I can work your booty out?

Gurl……… you’ve got swagger.

Hi are you Italian, I only like Italians?

Your ass is like nectar from the gods…

Yup. The above have been said.  There have been worse.

And there you have it, Tales from the Dating Crypt Pick Up Lines style..

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