Jet Set: Fort Myers Beach

photo (74)

I woke up to this view for three beautiful days last weekend. And I’ve confirmed:

One day I will be a snowbird.  You know, the type that lives in the Midwest yet spends the winter in the south.  Yes, that will be me.  One day.  Until then it is the vacations, celebrations and bachelorette parties that draw me to the beach.  Hello sun, cocktails and over eager 22 year old boys in bars.

I mean, doesn’t a bachelorette party call for a few antics? When you get about 13 girls on a beach, or dressed up for the night, reminiscing of college days gone by, you never know what will happen…. Throw in a party bus, mini bottles of champagne…

 Maybe hide your cell phone, from yourself?  Just saying….

 And then post-antics recovery on the beach?

What could be better?

photo (75)

I could easily see my future vacation house down this road…. Couldn’t you?

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