The First Patio Day

It is a Midwest thing. if you enjoy 60 degree winters, you will never understand. But when the first real spring day hits; when the sun is actually out to play; the city comes back to life. This day, is the First Patio Day.

The First Patio brings out the city.  And I mean the entire city.  People are walking, the dogs are out, the motorcycles are back, the top is down.

Where has everyone been?  Well hiding from the cold, silly.  Hermiting and hiding under layers.  Scarfs, hats and really attractive body length coats.  Hiding in apartment parties at night; calling a taxi for an 8 min walk.  Trust me, you would too.

But not today.  Not on the First Patio Day.  The streets are full… the restaurants are full..   its like a fight for an open table. In the sun.

Prepare for a wait, as even the servers are not use to the sun.  The sun is a stranger, making his first appearance.

No one quite knows how to handle it. From shorts to dresses to an outfit that almost shows your unmentionables; we are not quite sure how to dress. It may have been approaching 70 degrees, but as happy hour draws to a close, so does the almost 70 degrees.  But it is the First Patio, so we forgive those outfits not quite yet appropriate.  And we’ve all been hiding under layers, so our ghost white skin is dying for some vitamin D.  So we forgive and look away.

The First Patio is a Midwest phenomenon…

Even the new Thai Restaurant, that lacks a patio, celebrates the First Patio, with a beer on the doorsteps as you wait for takeout.


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6 thoughts on “The First Patio Day

  1. I love this post! I, like many other midwesterners, tend to take issue with winter when it’s still around in April. But First Patio Day is one of the many reasons I would never live anywhere that didn’t have all the seasons! 🙂

  2. End of April and we finally got to open the BBQ grill. Still a couple small snow piles but the plants are coming up. So happy to be outside. Must have been a fun walk back with the takeout.

  3. This weekend we celebrated 2nd Patio Day – also a great holiday!
    I think FPD can be re-declared if more than 2 weeks passed from the previously announced FPD.

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