Olive on a Plane!

So have you ever flown with your pet? Carried them through security? Felt as though everyone was staring at you? Started to get the nervous sweats?


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Well Olive and I took our first flight together last weekend. And yes, I couldn’t stop sweating. Like everyone was staring, O she’s that girl. Cocktail needed.

It was as though everyone was praying I wasn’t on their flight. And all Olive was doing, was peeking out and taking it all in. She just wanted to observe. Until we got on the plane that is……

Going under the seat was not something she wanted to do. Not at all. Thankfully a dog lover sat next to us. Who threw her coat over us, allowing Olive to hide on my lap. She was like my protector. My advocate. She was not going to let the flight attendant tell her otherwise. (Love Mid-Westerners turned New Yorkers. Best. people. ever.)

For 45 minutes Olive and I hid under her heavy winter coat. The sweating continued. But we made it. Nightmare over.  However, the return flight, without my protector, was awful.  No big winter coat to hide under and a strict flight attendant to boot.  Terrible, heartbreaking crying ensued.  Why weren’t the meds working??  I spent the flight hunched over, attempting to calm her with constant touch.

I do not think Olive will be making an appearance on another flight any time soon…..  Do you travel with your pets?

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