Faith & Fish

I live in the city of “Fish Fry”.

Yes, even the Chinese restaurant has the Fish Fry.  But a Fish Fry?  People threw around this term when I moved here, and I just pretended I knew what this was.  I mean, l lived in the United Kingdom and have consumed my fair share of fish and chips. (Nothing better on a rainy UK day than fish, chips and a pint.) And Minneapolis has walleye?

Here, the origins of this local tradition stem from faith, nationality, high levels of available fish and lack of alcohol.  Yes, that’s right, lack of alcohol.  The combination of Catholicism, meatless Fridays, a high concentration of Germans, lakes abounding with fish and even Prohibition, have created today’s FISH FRY.  If you are opening a restaurant here, especially during Lent, you better offer a take on FISH FRY.

As Lent is in full swing, it was high time to try this local tradition.   So what did I do?  I went to the Irish pub of course and ordered the fish fry.  (no capitals for a reason)

To me, this looks like regular fish and chips.  So I was preparing for the salty, vinegary, malty mash of flavor I remember.

photo (40)

Unfortunately I was not taken back to any pub in the UK.  This overall just lacked any flavor.  Mid West bland anyone?  I revealed the location of this attempt, and apparently, I’m told I did the FISH FRY wrong.  Next time, I’ll ask a real Fish Fry pro. But still, I can check this off the local traditions list. Fish Fry, Check!

Where is your favorite FISH FRY?

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