Parents do the City

The Parents came to town for the weekend.  And you know what that means? Eating drinking and exploring.  I mean, what I do best.  I took it upon myself to be the local tour guide, explorer extraodinaire.  All in all, a real Local.

So of course we must begin with brunch, (the designated official meal of the city), and my new love.

Even if Father will not drink this City’s official drink, I still must order one and give him a partial experience.  HMmm yes, its spicy. Wasabi spicy to be exact.

photo (29)

Next, it is off to the Italian Market we go.  Because what could be better than Italian Father in Italian Market?   I think we were successful.  Father even discovered items from Grandma’s kitchen.

photo (30)photo (31)

Sardines anyone?

Next, what could be better after excessive Italian grocery shopping, than a brewery tour.  Yes, that makes sense.

photo (32)photo (33)

Does it get any more local than that? I mean, cheese curds? And beer. We just covered every local stereotype.  Check.

Confession: Please note I am not including the three delicious dinners we consumed.  I downed Rainbow Trout, New York Strip, Ahi Tuna, Lamb Bolongese, Mussels and more.  I will not post these photos as it will lead to conclusions of over indulgence.

However, it may help to know, Father insisted on a gym trip and I still cannot stand up straight due to absolutely kiling my calfs… (That is my body saying, “Karma.”)

How was your weekend?

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