Dose of Olive

Per a Reader’s request, Olive, (this blog’s namesake), will make a small appearance.  And why not include a few tips for a novice puppy owner?  It was always on my bucket list to raise a puppy.  Moving to this new city somehow pulled the trigger.

photo (21)

Day one: Warning, they may puke all over themselves upon arrival to their new home.  This is a great introduction to bath time.

photo (22)

Cuddle time can happen any time.  And it makes any terrible day at the office better.

photo (23)

Puppies may or may not enjoy their training graduation caps…

photo (24)

Puppy haircuts are important.  Get them use to a groomer early.  Your groomer will appreciate this.

photo (25)

Beware: NOT all groomers are the same: Even if they work at the same place!

photo (26)

Clarify what they mean by “short”.  Otherwise, your puppy may get the nickname, Haircut Olive, at doggy daycare…

Halloween Costumes are totally appropriate.

photo (27)

And when you live in the frigid tundra, winter attire is a must!

photo (28)

And there you have it Reader, your Dose of Olive.  What are your favorite puppy tips?

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