Ode to 26

I prefer Birthday celebrations to New Years Eve Celebrations.  Birthdays are your own personal New Years. Your time to ponder.  So, as Saturday came and passed, so did another year.  Another year older, another year wiser right?

When you thought of your new year (number), what did you see?  What were you told to see?  What expectations were set for you? What expectations did you set for yourself? What were you striving to achieve?

(I saw a lot of sushi and wine)

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As my new year comes into view; the things I thought, or was told I should have, by the time 26 fades away….


1) A sparkler on that left hand…… (pshhh really? You are young girlfriend.)

2) A dog.  (That’s a lot of work. 3am wake up calls. Butt haircuts to remove dangling feces)

3) My ideal body.  (Pinterest really points this out, so Kettle Bell, Yoga and Elliptical, here I come.)

4) Direction in Life. ( Law School done, job secured. Happy in job)

5) Stability.  (Stays in one place. Job. House. Home. Family.)

6) Bad habits resolved. (Never ever ever ever ever again drink too much.  Stop swearing. Give up carbs.  Switch coffee for tea.  Stop eating out so much.)

All in all, have it figured out.  Well NOT sorry to say, I can check off just one.  Little Olive.  Dog, check. Yep, I give doggy butt haircuts.  Proud of it.

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Reality Check:

I still pour extra wine into my glass, even if it is just me on the couch.  I still eat like i’m 19.  Yes I love carbs and this love will never fade.  Put a bowl of pasta in front of me and it will never stand a chance.

Yes I still come up with excuses after work to avoid the gym, even after combing through Pinterest, discovering every work out known to man.  I’ll go tomorrow for sure.     

     Conclusion: Bad Habits not yet resolved.  Ideal body is a myth.  My body is what I choose it to be at this moment.  (after I eat that bowl of Carbonara.)


I still wonder what in the world I am doing with my life.  I still ask, is this it?  I went to school for 7 years for ?????

     Conclusion: Direction in life still to be determined, I’ve got more than one dream yo.


Once upon a time, not so long ago, I did envision that sparkly trinket; a vision that ended in a blur yet spurs me on for the want of more…. better.. there has to be more.  And yet a year of dates later, I feel I have found less.

     Conclusion: Sparkler, no thank you, not yet. But yes I’ll take that spa day you are offering. Oh and dinner at the most expensive restaurant around, twist my arm.


And Stability. No.  I find my self exploring a new city, in a state I never considered moving to, until it happened. So here I am, eating, drinking, exploring to my heart’s content. Traveling, meeting people, and partaking in generally non-stable activities. Bring it.

     Conclusion: Stability, no way. Who wants that?


So right now, as my new year begins, I see nothing.  Nothing but possibilities: and I am not going to put a label on them, timeline them up, or define them.  Just possibilities.  And so goes my Ode to 26.

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