The Great Pillow Debacle

I have a confession to make.  I have another problem.  One I have not admitted out loud.  However, this new city has made me confess; consequences of recently discussed long periods of time in my apartment.

I have a PILLOW problem.  Yes that’s correct.  A Pillow problem. ( Certain previous roommates and mother, may be jumping for joy, or saying Finally!)  I cannot stop buying/giving away/rearranging/moving/fluffing/changing my mind when it comes to pillows.  I have pillows stuffed away in the closet, in a storage bin, under my bed and on their way to Goodwill.  Not including the lucky ones who have remained on the sectional.

I am even in the midst of searching for new ones.  Please don’t kill me mom 🙂   Does anyone else have this problem?  This has got to be some sort of Syndrome.  Pillow debacle syndrome.

photo (5)

The lucky few…. for now.  Are there any cures for this?

One thought on “The Great Pillow Debacle

  1. Finally!! Olive loves the pillows so you have to have some. At times it is an easy way to redecorate and not too costly. I am glad you are lasting longer between desires to change it up again.

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