Can I get that on a Paper Plate?

For months I have heard of this place.  A place of legend.  A place, where your food comes out on paper plates.  A place you go more for the experience than just the food.  A place you go, to say, yes I’ve been.  A place you go and spend $15 a person, each having two drinks, an appetizer and an entree too large to finish.

Conejito’s Place is an establishment unchanged by time.  You walk in, its a dimly lit bar, a few family style pub tables, some stools and a jukebox.  There are other rooms, however I’ve left those to be discovered on visit two.  Simplistic and unpretentious, i’m sure sweatpants would be approved attire.

The bar was first opened in 1972, with additions in 1990.  If you are looking for the dive bar experience, Conejito’s is the place to be.  From the flashing lights outside to the blow up Corona bottles hanging from the ceiling, you know you are in dive bar perfection.

As strange as this sounds, I could not wait to be served food on a paper plate.  Why is this such a novelty?  Who knows, maybe after learning to eat with my hands, paper plates was the next logical step?

The first dish to arrive on its paper plate.  This kills me and I love it at the same time.

And who does not want a pile of chicken enchiladas, rice and beans on a paper plate?

I could eat an entire paper plate of just these beans.  These were perfection, not the dried out crap you get at chain “Mexican” restaurants.  Also, one wonders, if Conejito’s had to test multiple versions of paper plates, as there was no leakage or mess….

The best dish of the night, the above pictured Chicken Mole with dark meat.  Yum.  The mole became better with every bite.  Please note that even though this dish required a “real” plate, there was still a paper plate underneath to cap off the presentation……

Finally I can say, I have been to the place that serves food on paper plates.  I also brought a friend who had never been and she thanked me for getting her out of her comfort zone and trying something new.  Happy to know I could influence just one person to try something new 🙂

What is your local “legend” and have you tried it?


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