Mushrooms, Beer and Flats: Pure Random

Random and somewhat in that order.

Mushrooms, beer and flats all fell into place to create the perfect weekend.

Have I lost it?


I happened to get myself a tad bit lost in my own neighborhood Friday.. but what else is one to do when there are constant showings of your unit? And you and the dog are banished from the premises?


Not a bad place to deal with being banished.

You can even search for wild mushrooms back here…

Kenwood Mushrooms

Like if you were into that kind of thing… seriously that thing was half the size of the dog… she was concerned.

Once dog is allowed back into said apartment, a little night patio action is in order.

You know… to recover after traipsing through wild mushroom fields… I mean the city.

Minneapolis Skyline

And then, there is no better way to recover from a patio and wine night than an early walk to the farmers market.

Minneapolis Cherry

Sometimes I forget this is my backyard…. or err front yard…. still to be determined :)

NE Brewery

And then the beer happened… at the brand new Bau Haus Brew Labs in NE Minneapolis. Check them out, your bag playing skills have to be better than mine!

And finally to end the mix, the flats….


My first foray into b. resale on Nicollet.

I was not disappointed, check them out too! Perhaps before you sample the new brews? Or maybe after, a little buzzed shopping never hurt anyone… except perhaps my VISA card…

A total mix of randomness but yet the perfect mix of treating myself… which is why I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives n Wine again :) She’s a big believer in taking time for yourself at least once a week to treat yourself, and I am on board! Check out the ways others have treated themselves this week.


Take Me Back: Vail

Vail was like living in a picture.

A picturesque European painting.

I truly felt as though I was back in Europe.

My pictures can never do it justice.  Vail was jaw dropping, amazing, stunning, not even describable.

We stayed at The Tivoli, which you must stay at during your next trip to Vail :) The staff was amazing, the breakfast spread delicious, and I was even treated to a spotting of the celebrity dog, Speedy (Speed). I may or may not have fed him a few strips of bacon….

Stopping at Loaded Joe’s for coffee every morning is a must. And the best post bike ride sandwich has to be at Big Bear Bistro.

Me on a bike, for the first time in like 10 years, at over 8,000 Ft above sea level…. pure comedy :)

I’m already dreaming of planning a trip back to experience this wondrous place in the winter :)

Have you been to Vail?

photo (276)

photo (277)

photo (278)

photo (279)

photo (280)

photo (281)

photo (282)

photo (283)

photo (284)

photo (285)

photo (286)

Vail Bound


Good morning and Happy Friday!

I hope you are off to wonderful weekend plans.

I’m about to board a flight to Vail and head off to another quick summer trip. This time to celebrate the wedding of college friends. Mountain views, reunions and celebrating are about to occur. I cannot help but sit here reminiscing on all that has happened since college. So many moves, job changes, marriages, heartbreaks and joys for us all.

This morning I look back on all of it with a smile.

My excitement for this trip is on another level, as baby sister is accompanying me as my date!

As we are off to make new memories, I felt a little flashback Friday was in order

photo (274)

photo (275)

Happy Weekend!


There is something about that summer tomato.

You know… the real, fresh picked, not purchased in a chain super market, tomato.

I could never understand the person who despised the tomato. Until I moved to the Midwest… and our state lacks the real thing for half the year. The difference between the garden tomato and store bought tomato is mind blowing.

Yes I just referred to a tomato as mind blowing…

photo (272)

Like summer’s candy.

And sometimes mind blowing summer candy makes you buy bison bacon.

photo (271)

And then of course, you make BLTs…!

photo (273)



Lets Go Already: Bucket List

The proverbial bucket list. I have one running in my mind and one on my phone.

Actually the one on my phone is purely a restaurant bucket list…

My travel list; now that one is ever present in my mind. Father joked last weekend that my wanderlust is too strong.. I’ll explore one place and instantly crave another. So of course I informed him that my travel obsession  was all his fault…

Right, blame dad?

There is one place for years I’ve wanted to go.

Devoured articles on it. Watched travel and food shows.. poured over pictures.

Read fiction and nonfiction about it.

Then finally two weeks ago, I decided it was time. Less thinking, more doing.

Lets go already!

photo (270)The doing (planning) has begun. See you in February 2015 Vietnam!!

Have you been? If so, any tips/recommendations?

What places are on your travel bucket list?

Just Too Picky?

I’ve heard it a million times.  And each time I cringe…

“You are just too picky.”  “You need to lower your standards a bit.”  “You have unrealistic expectations.”

These statements have zero applicability.  It has nothing to do with being picky, having high standards or outrageous expectations.

In fact, it has everything to do with having the strength to continue looking.  To believe that you will find the person who has similar wants and needs in life… similar goals, not expectations or standards.

 It takes a strong person to admit, hey this is just not what I’m looking for.  It is not you, it truly is me. Lesser people just do the ‘slow fade”….

We have somehow forgotten how to communicate this.

I blame Snapchat…. when you’ve gone from phone conversations to texting to finally only communicating through Snapchat…. you know it was a “slow fade”.

It takes strength to get past the wondering, will he/she call? Is he/she just busy? Was it a “slow fade”?

It takes strength to continue going on those awkward first dates.  It takes strength to continue opening up.

To say, hey this is me, take it or leave it.

It takes a strong person to be continually asked, 50 times at one wedding,  and answer yes I’m here by myself.  And thoroughly enjoying myself, might I add! Please get over it.

To those who are still looking, I applaud your strength.

You are not picky.  Your standards are not too high.  Your expectations are not unrealistic.  You are simply just still looking.

Cheers to you! Now I’m off to Rock the Garden and continue looking :)

Agree or Disagree? 


Keep Them Coming: Tapas

And another weekend draws to a close. The older I get, the more precious my Sundays are. More often than not I’m scrambling to get in just one more activity.. like ice cream. Or enjoying a patio as the weather finally clears… or rediscovering Patina and deciding I somehow need new diffusers for ever room… oops :)

I have to admit I suffer a bit from the Monday blues…. and they seem to start on Sundays around 6pm… do you get these too?

Before the blues kick in too hard core.. how about a distraction?

My running list of need to try restaurants is one place shorter. I finally made it to Rincon 38. Another South Minneapolis Location I had yet to try, Tapas style and very European-esque in terms of space. We were shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors, but what better way to start conversations. The wine was a flowing and the love in the food quite apparent in our friendly neighbors :)

Our tapas just kept coming.

Patatas Bravas, Cannoli, Queso Frito, Ibiza, Mero …. and I cannot enough remember the rest. So many our table could not keep up.

So delicious! Have you been?

Have you tried a new Restaurant lately?


Rincon 3

Rincon 2

Austin Bites

Finally, here it is. Austin food edition. I couldn’t not post on all the amazing bites I took out of the many offerings in Austin.

The city of food trucks has my heart. I truly only want to eat out of food trucks from now on.

If you had a few bites of the below…. you would too :)

photo (262)

I could live on street tacos alone. And in Austin, you seem to never be far from a taco truck.

photo (263)

And blue balls.  Who doesn’t want to eat a pile of blueberry donuts? :)

photo (264)

photo (265)

Do you think we ordered enough?

photo (268)

photo (269)

photo (267)

Cocktails to wash all this down was necessary…

I wanted to take a quick moment and apologize for my lack in commenting/responding lately. I’ve been a bit absent from blogland and I apologize. Summer here is so fleeting and I’m attempting to enjoy every ounce. Please forgive me :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

photo (266)

I Heart Austin Pt 2

Again, I love Austin. Cannot get that city out of my head.

I’m quite convinced that at some point, I will live there.

The eclectic, the weird, the perfect. As the saying goes, keep Austin weird.

I’m on board!

Weird patio décor high up in the trees…

photo (256)

Hey Mr. Rooster.

photo (257)

In Austin, we opened bottles with hoof openers…

photo (259)

I failed to get myself a pair of cowboy boots…..

photo (260)

photo (258)

photo (261)

Keep it weird yo :)


I Heart Austin

photo (247)

 l left my heart in Austin…… and his name might be Freckles..

Joking! Only nine of us will ever get that reference. We may not have known each other well in the beginning… but by the end… we knew more than is ever “bloggable” :)

We shopped, explored, ate, danced, lake partied and popped a few bottles.. all in the name of the soon to be Mrs. KPD’s last single fling.

And now I need to move to Austin. The people, the houses, the ever popular taco truck. Who is hiring?!

photo (248)

I miss our house!

photo (250)

photo (252)

photo (251)

Yep, still in Texas…..

photo (254)

Hey Garage….What will you do before you die?

photo (253)

I heart Austin! Have you been?