The Doing and The Donut

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

Saturday mornings are meant for exploring.

There is an Olive to walk and new to me places calling my name. With morning temps now at a range where Olive struggles to poop outside, (yes we are working on this issue), donuts are totally called for.

And I just used poop and donuts in the same sentence. If you can get past that sentence and keep reading, we can totally be friends :)

I have been hearing of this place since they recently opened.  Jen and I had to wake with the sunrise and scoot ourselves in line.

Hello Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

photo (311)

photo (312)

Though not on the agenda, a stop into a new to me coffee shop was necessary.

photo (313)

Sometimes the thrill is all in the exploration, the path, the idea, the doing.


Sweet Corn

How was your weekend? Full of exploring I hope :)

Todays weather could not have been more perfect for exploring and enjoying Minneapolis, soaking up the remaining sunny days.

My weekend celebrating truly started on Thursday.

Thursday night dinner at a new place, with new friends.

The wonderful thing about this blog space; it brings different people into your life. It builds a community.

Megan and Nora from Two Birds, Jen from Apartment Wife, and I all got to cross another restaurant off the bucket list.

The Mill NE.

Hello yum.

photo (310)

I had the daily risotto with corn and cheery tomatoes. Let me tell you, the spice level was NOT Minnesota mild. Yes please!

photo (309)

Meg had the veggie burger, you’ll have to hop over here and ask her how it was!

We had a blast, got to know one another.. shared some personal details. Talked a lot about puppy pottie pads :)

Round two soon ladies?!


Eternal Summer…

It is far too soon. I do not remember it coming so fast.

Has fall always started on Labor Day? Or is it because Starbucks decided to release that awful PSL drink early this year? (don’t hate me). Once the PSL is available, is it now fall?

Some days I dream of an eternal summer. A forever of waking up and taking the dog out in barely there layers. A constant need for the ceiling fan to lull me to sleep. The never grabbing a coat or extra layer as I’m running out the door.

Perhaps it was the summers living in Florida for “home leave” every year we came back to the States. Or that year and a half of living basically on the equator. Or my Californian birthright.  Perhaps a combination of these causes me to pause and wonder if I’m ready for fall.

However while I hold on to my dream of eternal summer, I guess I can acknowledge the perks to come.

Like last weekend spent at the cabin. Due to rainy days and 66 degree temps favorite fall activities were had. That, and a lot of wine.  A few flabongos may have been had as well :)

Perk #1 Wine filled games of Telestrations with a backdrop of constant rain…

Chicken Breast


Cabin Town

Perk #2 Mornings spent perusing the small town boutique for new sweaters.

Almond Latte

And yes, Perk #3, my first hot latte. Sorry, not a PSL. Again, don’t shoot me :)

Am I the only one dreaming of an eternal summer? What is your favorite fall activity?

An Egg = Change


For some its a difficult word. A difficult process.

Admittedly, I thought I was immune to change. Immune or unaffected. Or perhaps I thought I was “good” at change.

When you move ten times before high school, through five different countries and five different states, change would be your norm. You just assume change comes naturally. What else do you know? You’re a third culture kid, floating in and out of one world to the next. One culture to the next, one friend group to the next, from house to condo, suburb to island to the metropolis of Tokyo.

Change is your uncountable blessing. It propels you forward with hastening speed. Perhaps there wasn’t even time to question whether or not I was comfortable with change.

Now, with change all around me, am I as “good” with it as I once was?

I have yet to answer.

However there are a few changes I am definitely good with!

Like this barn table friend gifted me. (Mom did a great job staining) But who knew my uber modern style would evolve? I swore it wouldn’t :)

photo (308)

And all of a sudden I make eggs? Like frittatas and actually eat them? For so long I had quite the aversion to any egg that wasn’t deviled or poached.Similar Recipe here.

photo (307)

Are you “good” with change?

Just Tindering Away….

You know that app, the one everyone says is a hook up app?

Yeah that one. The one I swore I wouldn’t dare go near..

Yep. Tinder.

Well a friend of mine downloaded it to my phone. Purely so I could say, “hey a friend downloaded it, not me!”

I’ve seen beyond the strangest things on there.

Like the rebirth of the “flavor savor”, a man in his wedding photo, the ever present fish holder, bathroom shots with urinal props, the office cube picture, a man and his clearly visible wedding ring, a plethora of pilots, and of course, a dude holding a fox.

Because foxes turn women on???

Despite the fox holders theres a glimmer of hope, and a match seems normal. So you go. And he shows up sweating profusely post bike ride.

With or without the sweat you would have never recognized him. You’re still unsure if it was the same person…. his photos must have been 12 years old…

And then, here it comes: he discloses the tests he puts women through. First he orders chicken wings, as he wants his date to eat them, yet eat them “appropriately”. Second he tells such an inappropriate joke, one that no one in their right mind should laugh at, as he needs to judge the women’s moral foundation. Finally, his third test, he would not divulge, as perhaps he had “already put me through it.”

So with that, app deleted.

Nothing like an app deletion and a trip to Milwaukee to ease the strangeness.

G spoils me every time I’m in town. Homemade Bolognese, be still my heart.

photo (303)

Followed by a dinner the next night at my ultimate fav, Odd Duck

photo (305)

photo (304)

A night out with friends, enough to erase away any memory of that encounter.

photo (306)

Have you ever tried that crazy app?

Hola Delish

Sometimes you need a slap in the face. From friends.

No, not literally. A verbal slap in the face. A, why are you doing that? B, do you even realize you do that?

An outside perspective is always needed. A pointer, a tip, a not so small suggestion.

Thank you friend :)

Now more food tips for you!

A few new places I’ve tried recently:

Lago Tacos.  I could eat 6 of these…

photo (299)

Hola Arepa.  Hello flavor and food porn.

photo (300)

photo (301)

photo (302)

Holy deliciousness you must eat here!

What have you noticed lately? Delivered any verbal slaps? :)

The Kenwood

Remember a time when you were let into a secret?

When details were exposed and you were in the know. When all comes together and you feel a part of the circle. And you wonder how you were in the dark for so long?

That’s how I feel about The Kenwood. Like I’ve been let into a secret, though its not really a secret…. more a beloved place by many.

I keep wondering how I was in the dark for so long.

All it took was an almost year in this neighborhood to get there…. and perhaps a quiet summer date.

On that date I fell in love.  With The Kenwood that is.

I mean, if a place can get me to try Sardines and like them…!?

photo (293)

photo (294)

photo (295)

photo (296)

photo (292)

photo (297)

photo (298)

Have you been yet?

Have I convinced you to go?

Patience is a Virtue Right?

There is always something to work on. And lately I find I struggle more with the virtue of having patience than anything else.

Why hasn’t this happened already? Why am I still waiting for that?

Why isn’t the timing right? Why am I still waiting for this?

Why does this feel like a step backwards rather than forward?

When the connection is there but the timing is not. When the job is there but the hours and environment  are not ideal.

Opportunities and people cross your path, but I believe truly that everything happens when it is suppose to happen. My patience level just needs to adjust to my belief system lately :)

One thing I do not have to wait for, is exploring Minneapolis on a beautiful Sunday.

With only a little over a month left in this neighborhood, Olive and I try to take a different walk path every day.

photo (291)

I am in love with every house we pass!


Lost in an Irish Field….

One of my biggest joys in life is to explore the new.

To try new things. To say why not.

To get lost in a new to me city.

Like that one time, outside of Dublin, Ireland. We hopped on a train, on a whim and recommendation from a taxi driver. And all of a sudden, found ourselves lost in an Irish field and traipsing through a breathtaking ruin of a castle.

But for taking that taxi, the magically Irish castle would have never happened.

Our picturesque lunch by the water and afternoon Guinness would have remained a dream. A wish, even possibly a regret.

While I am no longer traipsing through the rolling greens and damp cold of that field, I still apply the same why not attitude to life. Try the new.  Explore. Meet new people.

So when Jen, over at Apartment Wife, reached out to meet, I was ecstatic. Her writing and creativity is inspiring to me. Head here to see what I’m talking about :)

New friends must check out a new restaurant, right?

We decided Libertine, the newly replaced Cafeteria, was a must.

photo (288)

photo (289)

photo (290)

The smoked salmon was my favorite.

Heres to many more meetings, new places and new friends.

Happy Weekend! What are your plans?

A Series of unfortunate events….

Sunday blues? Have they hangovered into Monday?

Rough morning?

Well, what is the saying…. misery loves company?

How about some comedy to start off your week?

Perhaps my series of unfortunate events will elicit a Monday laugh…

First: Cue another totally awful pick up line. Like from Mr. Crazy who just won’t leave. Like cannot get the subtle hint, nor the directive to leave.

“hey you in the gray dress…. you are the queen…. your face shape turns me on. I lay hard wood for a living…. every woman likes it laid hard.”

…………….. FOR REAL.

Second: Picture your favorite work out studio/gym/whatever… you are a semi new student in this class…. class is going, sweat is flowing… you’ve got your jump on and are in crazy mode, doing those intense jump squats on the TRX bands….

And then the end of class approaches. In your head, you killed it. You are finally feeling like you’ve done a good job, adjusted to this class.

You’re stretching out and look down.

And there it is. You’ve split your yoga pants. And you are commando. HELLO. let me waddle out of here and pray to god no one noticed.


Third: The worst Friday night blind date ever. Like he hadn’t matured past 17. I now know many credits he received for every single grad school class he ever attended. His pictures… so much better than in person. His online persona… 100 times different than in reality. I felt 47 talking to a 17 year old. The mismatched pairing could not have been worse.

Upon ordering the bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer… he asked if I was a vegetarian….

It got worse.

(post date, the dating app informed me that it was out of availble men.  Zero eligible bachelors left.)


Nothing like attending the Northeast Brewers Block Party to erase the events away.

How was your weekend?

photo (287)